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We create highly accurate, technically correct models, textured to create impressive, provocative and eye-catching content for a variety of applications; often cases in which photography is unsuitable, not cost effective, or simply impossible.

The output can take multiple forms to offer the client a variety of illustration options.

We can, from the same asset, create cartoon style images, black and white line diagrams, vector-based illustrations or the more popular photo-realistic renders.

Product, Concepts & Marketing • Artificial Environments Presentations, Exhibitions & Events • Design & Development

E300 Elevator Drive

Ultimate Performer

Digital Twin Infographic

Rolls-Royce Pearl Marketing

Utilising the latest post-production techniques, including audio and special effects, we can enhance the delivery of both animated and video content to target any specified audience.

We offer a wide range of animated solutions to provide our customers with the ability to portray any given subject or message.

What starts from a client's concept will be taken through an animatic or drafting phase, and onto final production and delivery.

CGI & VFX • Enhanced Visualisations Training, Procedures & Process • Commercials & Advertising


Hololens – Rolls Royce XWB

Interactive Kiosk

VR Training Rolls-Royce


New or existing material can be re-purposed to create highly engaging content. Our innovative interactive solutions can be played stand-alone or as part of a more blended capability.

At Bloc, we have combined our extensive knowledge in modelling, animation, training & presentation to create interactive product offerings with multi-use in mind...

Virtual Reality • Augmented Reality • Interactive 3D Training & Simulation • Demonstration & Brand Engagement

Rolls-Royce Net Zero Animation

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Siemens E-Learning course

Everybody knows that first impressions count, and for many it's that impression that sets them apart from their competitors. We deliver media rich content that compliments any e-learning or marketing requirement.

Bloc offer a HTML development service that extends our core delivery mechanisms, with engaging on & offline bespoke solutions.

Working with your subject matter experts we create engaging e-learning content as part of a blended approach to product familiarisation, simulation and procedural maintenance.

Cross Platform; Web, Tablet, Mobile & Standalone Training Design & Delivery • Dynamic Online Content