The Bloc family: helping bring digital communications to life

Re-positioning your communications to be totally digital may feel a little daunting. Quickly shifting your messaging and content to new mediums and technologies may be a little out of your comfort zone.

As business operations learn to adapt – our teams are sharing skills and expertise to ensure you, your visualisations and your immersive and interactive projects can be rooted in best practice.

Working together to support resilience

Creating clear, visual and impactful digital content, helping businesses to stand out and get their message across, and facilitating effective communication with remote working being the new normal.  The Bloc family are on hand to advise, guide and support, wherever we can.

For ourselves at Bloc Digital, that means creating immersive technology applications for virtual meetings, e-learning apps to aid distance learning and animations to drive engagement, as well as designing collaborative and remote connectivity tools to facilitate effective communication.

We are also offering a free advice service to support businesses ‘going digital’ in response to Coronavirus. Our aim is to keep organisations communicating and ensure that digital projects are quickly deployed and rooted in best practice.

For Bloc Creative it means offering guidance to those who are trying to navigate the minefield of marketing. To help companies protect their brand from the pressure of Coronavirus, they are encouraging businesses to think long-term, plan for the future and be mindful in their latest advice.

Similar to ourselves, for Bloc Media and Bloc Arch Viz this means helping businesses in both the public space and building sector to shift to digital ways of thinking.

Bloc Media is supporting broadcast, cultural and public space sectors to reach out and connect with audiences – in new ways and new places. Whether it’s providing vital public information or bringing experiences into the home, the team are helping others utilise digital visualisation, animation and VR/AR to bring impact and engagement.

As the world heads online, Bloc Arch Viz is helping businesses in the building sector stand out like never before. To capture attention and engage potential customers, the architectural visualisation team are working with interior designers, architects and creative agencies to utilise great imagery and bring building projects to life.

By investing in digital communications across operations, product design, marketing and communications, businesses can stay connected and stay resilient.

So whilst the daily world of work may be changing, at Bloc we’re doing all we can to keep it ‘business as usual’. We continue to be creative, to innovate and be connected. To be here for our clients, to reach out to help new partners and to keep their industries working.