Digital visualisation studio Bloc Digital supports businesses ‘going digital’ in response
to Coronavirus.

Bondholder Bloc Digital is offering a free advice service to businesses faced with a rapid re-positioning of communications, information sharing and skills training to digital platforms and new technologies as a result of coronavirus lockdown.

The Derby-based digital visualisation company, which supports business through cutting-edge 3D modelling, animation, immersive (VR and AR), and development (web and app) solutions, is offering its insights and expertise to companies to ensure that digital projects are quickly deployed and are rooted in best practice.

Bloc Digital Director, Keith Cox said;

“The shift to the ‘digital world’ has been a natural progression for our large global clients, but we know that for other, perhaps smaller, businesses this hasn’t been a priority – until now. Now they’re thrown into trying to establish, fund and implement roll-out at a time of significant disruption and uncertainty.”

Bloc Digital is offering free advice about the design and technical capabilities of digital visualisations and information-sharing alongside knowledge and insights about virtual and augmented reality technology and the products available.

Bloc Digital Director Keith Cox,

“Digital communications cut across all sectors of the business from operations, product design, marketing, skills learning and, particularly important at the moment, connecting people working remotely. We want to help businesses within our community stay connected and resilient.”

A key aspect of Bloc Digital’s strategy has been to pioneer and utilise emerging technologies to create industry focused solutions. The company is now also exploring how these capabilities and products can be rapidly deployed to help keep organisations and wider communities including health services communicating.